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Outbound Trips

Our Outbound Trips are most engaging and drives team work. Most of our Corporate clients, Universities, Colleges and other organisations prefer our outbound trips for thier employees/ students as induction for Team Building and experiencing fun.

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Our Outbound Treks

We are nature enthusiasts continuously work, research to give our clients the best Quick, fun outbound Experiences. Trips are coming soon. Keep visiting our site for new updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why there is no price for some trips?
Some trips are fixed only after it reaches minimum group and some trips need to attain permissions from government departments. So costs and dates may vary for those trips.
What are the best covid partices to be maintained during trips?

Covid-19 Safety Guidelines & rules to be followed MANDATORILY

  • A number of travelers are restricted to 7 participants + 1 Trek Lead in one TT.
  • Group size is restricted to 12 - 15 Participants + 1 Lead in case if people are joining the trek in their own transport.
  • TT will be sanitized before we leave Bangalore
  • Participants have to get their own Mask & Sanitizer.
  • Participants have to wear Masks whenever the group is together. Not during the trek as we will try to maintain social distancing as much as possible.
  • Social distancing has to be maintained as much as possible and where ever possible till we come back to Bangalore.
  • Participants can get their own food from home (We will also stop near a Hotel for Breakfast & Lunch)
  • No sharing of food, snacks, beverages, and water with other participants.
  • Participants Should have NOT traveled outside the State within the last 20 days.
  • Participants are NOT allowed to join the Trek If there is any sign of Cold/Cough/Fever (Amount will NOT be refunded if there is no Replacement)
  • Please do not register if you are residing in any of the Containment Zone.
  • Participants should avoid interacting with unknown people.
  • Participants between the age group of only 18 yrs - 45 yrs are considered.
  • As of now all the Treks/Trips will be conducted within the State of Karnataka only. Until other state borders open.
  • Water bottles to be carried by individuals and advise everyone to drink hot water.
Due to the Corona restrictions on Travel, only 7 participants are allowed in a TT and hence the cost is more.

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