Western Ghats is known to be the most bewitchingly beautiful region in the province of South India. There are many mountain peaks that have been explored by thousands of tourists in the past years. Holiday makers seek to fulfil every deep urge of tourists and provide with an adventure tour that not only is comfortable and affordable but also is an experience of a lifetime. Western Ghats is a home to rich and deep green grasslands, gorgeous mountain peaks, rare species of flora and fauna along with a special collection of medicinal herbs. Tourists from every age group can unravel the mystic aura of the beautiful Western Ghats. One such location in the Western Ghats is Agastya Mala near Trivandrum in Kerala.

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Situated at an altitude of 6,129 feet above sea level, it is a famous destination for pilgrims and a paradise for adventure tourists. It is one of the highest peaks in Kerala and is extremely popular for medicinal plants and herbs. About 2,000 different varieties of Ayurvedic medicinal treatment ingredients are found in the area. Tea gardens commissioned by British during their rule in India are commonly found at the base stations of the mountain at Bonacaud, Brimore and Ponmudi. The Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve is a home to the rarest collection of flora and fauna. The Reserve is mostly open for tourists in the month of January and February and prior permission from the forest department is required to visit this region.

Agastya Mala offers its visitors the best combination of beautiful dense forests, calming grasslands, spectacular scenic beauty and an opportunity of coming face to face with wild animals. Major attractions around the area are the soothing Neyyar Dam (located at a distance of 23 kilometres from Bonacaud), the beautiful Karamana River, Neyyar River, shimmering Meenmutty Waterfalls, huge estates of Bonacaud and Ponmudi. You can add few more days to your trip and visit these nearby areas to get the true feel of Agastya Mala region and the marvellous Western Ghats.

Agastya Mala is also known as Agasthyarkoodam and is a pilgrimage centre for devotees of the Hindu sage Agastya. According to Hindu Puranas, there are seven sages (Saptarishi) and Sage Agastya is one among the Saptarishis. There is a statue of Sage Agastya at the peak of Agastya Mala and devotees are free to offer puja to the statue. It is believed that Tamil language originated as a boon from Sage Agastya.

This amazing trekking experience will start once you reach the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum. You will be driven to Bonacaud, a small village located at an altitude of 570 metres. This is the starting point of your trek. Agastya Mala peak is about 23 kilometres from Bonacaud but the trekking trail is about 35 kilometres. There are stunningly beautiful hills in this region including the Pandipathu and a few others. The fort like formation close to Bonacaud is another delight for trekkers and travellers. You will pass through Athirumala which is located at an altitude of 1041 metres above the sea level. The calming waterfalls, densely populated forests, mind-numbing grasslands, narrow pathways, remarkable streams and rocky trails during this tour will entice your mind and relax your body. One visit to this place and you will forget the need for spas and salons. You will also pass through Pongalapara, situated at an altitude of 1,460 metres above sea level. Seetha Kulicha Kulam and Muttidippara are also famous stops along your way. The elevation of this trail is so steep that a trekker can feel his knees hitting his nose with every step he takes especially in the Muttidippara region.

The summit of Agastya Mala is located at a majestic altitude of 1,868 metres. The glory of standing at this great heights while being surrounded by the most spectacular creation of nature is truly a once in a lifetime moment. The peaks that surround Agastya Mala welcome you with open arms. Anjila Pothi is a notable group of mountains standing close to Agastya Mala peak. These five breathe-taking mountains located at an altitude of 1,800 metres never miss to captivate the by-standers.

Campsites of this region are well maintained by the government. There are a few small forts with rooms and restrooms which can be used for resting at night. Few campsites might not have markings on them but the camps near Vazapathiyar stream and Karamanayar extremely helpful during your trip. Trekkers require food which will give them instant energy during this trip. There might be times when trekkers might feel loss of energy especially during steep climbs. Our representatives usually carry emergency food for such instances. A trip among the deepest mysteries of nature that will awaken your every sense organ is exactly what you are signing on for with us.

Trip Highlights
  • Agasthyarkoodam Biosphere reserve is UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Agasthyamala or Agasthyamalai is 2nd Highest peak in kerala.
  • Sage Agasthya is one of Saptharishis, revered as father of Siddha medicine.
  • Agasthyamala is located at altitude of 6129 feet, popularly known as Kailash of South India.
  • Agasthyamala is located at altitude of 6129 feet, popularly known as Kailash of South India.
Trip Facts
  • Best time to visit:
    Post Monsoon - December to March: The skies can be covered with mist with play of passing clouds and can be clear with bright sunlight. It will be windy & Nights getting cold.
  • Trek Distance: Trekking Distance is 45 km
  • Grade of Trek :
    Moderate. Previous trek experience will be helpful and an added advantage. Difficulty of trek is subjective.
  • Overall distance :
    Approximately 1540 Kilometres (60 Kilometres by trekking).
Trip Cost Includes
  • Food : During Stay and Snacks during Evening Refreshments only
  • Travel : Tempo Traveler/SUV Similar Non/Ac/Bus
  • Accommodation : Basic Multiple sharing or dormitory/Tent.
  • Group Size : Group size 12 and Above.
Trip Cost Excludes
  • Food : During journey
  • Toll Charges : Nice Road
  • Any Charges : Waterfalls etc,
Day one - Journey from Bangalore to Trivandrum (12 hours, 740 kilometres)
At 2 pm you will depart Bangalore on an overnight journey to Trivandrum. Our representatives will help you board your respective bus to Trivandrum.
Day two - From the beautiful Trivandrum to Bonacaud (2 hour, 50 kilometres – 570 metres), campsite & towards your base camp.
On your arrival to Trivandrum, you will freshen up before starting on a journey to Bonacaud which is the starting point of your trek. Bonacaud is located at an altitude of 570 metres and is a small hamlet situated below the Agastya mountain ranges. These mountain ranges are an abode to tea estates, forests, waterfalls and old ruins. The forest check point will check your bags before you progress further.
You will begin your trek from this location and proceed towards Athirumala which is located at an altitude of 1041 metres. Your trail comprises of lush green grasslands, thick dense forests, shimmering waterfalls, tranquil streams and fallen trees that often block your way. These steep climbs are refreshing to the minds of the trekkers due to the freshness in air. You will arrive at your base camp sheds early in the evening after which you will rest the night.
Day three - Trekking towards the mind-numbing Agastya Mala (4 hours, 6 kilometres - 1868 metres), Orchid Trail and back to the base camp (3 hours, 6 kilometres).
You will wake up early this morning and start on a steep trail in the narrow pathways towards the peak of Agastya Mala. You will get to witness Sunrise while trekking amidst dense forests. You will slide past the rocks and crawl through the bushes in this narrow trail. Once the pathway is not visible, you will follow the arrows on the rocks after which you will climb the steep rocks inclined in 80 degrees angle with the help of a rope. Once you arrive at the peak, you will see the statue of Sage Agastya and the prayers offered to him by his devotees.
A breathtaking views of the surroundings will entice you. You will spot Anjila Pothi, a group of 5 mountains at an altitude of 1800 metres. The region is well known for aboding some of the rarest species of Orchids. You can take a visit to the Biological Park nearby. Following the trail laid out by the gorgeous Orchids, you will return back to your basecamp for an overnight reside.
Day four - Trek to Bonnacaud. Transfer to Trivandrum. Departure to Bangalore (12 hours, 740 kilometres).
This morning trek back to Forest Office at Bonnacaud. Reach Trivandrum. If time permits visit Anantha Padmanabha Temple at Thiruvananthapuram
After an interesting day, you will board your bus for an overnight journey back to Bangalore.
Day five - Reach Bangalore
You will arrive at Bangalore this morning. You can continue on your journey back home or choose to explore the city by yourself. You can co-ordinate with our representative for further arrangements
Important Information:
Things To Carry
  • 1 pair of Shoes : Carry well broken/used Shoes with good Sole & ankle protection and that will sustain usage during the trek. Avoid wearing new shoes to avoid bite and blisters.
  • 1 Backpack : Light Weighted & approx 30 litres in volume with multiple pouches,good zip & straps.
  • Clothing & Toiletries : For your daily usage
  • 1 Jacket : Early mornings and nights can get really cold.
  • 1 Cap/hat : help in protecting your head and face from direct sunlight during treks.
  • 1 Water bottle : carry some reusable water bottles along.
  • 1 Towel : quick dry light towel.
  • 1 Head lamp / Torch : Keep it handy and use it only required.
  • 1 Personal Medical Kit : Carry few tablets such as crocin, Paracetamol, Band aid, cotton. ORS satchets. Glucose, Volini spray and crape bandage.
  • 1 Medic Kit : always pack a first-aid kit in case things go the other way.
  • 2 Batteries: Carry recharged spare batteries.
  • Gloves : Gloves that will keep your palms warm during extreme cold.
  • 1 Whistle : Whistle for signalling and use in times of distress only.
  • 1 Sun glasses : Carry tested and right one to protect from harsh Sunlight only.
  • Sleeping Bag : At times, there might be extreme cold and the camp beds might not be good enough to give you a good night’s sleep. It is better if you have your own warm sleeping bag.
  • Mobile : Use if for communication only. Check with trek coordinator of network availibility carry BSNL SIM if required.
  • 1 Poly Bags : To carry trash and wet clothes.
  • 1 ID Proof : Carry Photo ID proof DL / Voter Id/ similar.
Routes to reach
    • Overnight Journey to Trivandrum.
    • Transfers to Bonacaud and Return by Private vehicle
    • Network : Weak & available intermittently.
Pickup points :

Team members are requested to select and book tickets. Reach respective points or places enroute. However, make use of Namma Metro for hassle free travel.Our event leaders will assist you all times for any assistance.