Kumara Parvatha is also famously known as Pushpagiri and is (5624 feet above sea level and is 1712 metres). This is the second highest peak in the Western Ghats. This is situated in the Kodagu District of Karnataka after the Tadiandamol peak trek. Kumara Parvatha peak is tougher and challenging trek but if you have done trekking earlier and fit enough, you can do this trek.
A break from the stressful work life to find inner peace and regain mindfulness is important for the people dealing with metro life. Trekking can be one of the ways to rejuvenate yourself and find tranquil in nature’s beauty.
So, if you are planning a weekend trek from Bangalore, then here you go with an amazing Kumara Parvatha trek guide. This peak is one of the most beautiful peaks in the whole of Western Ghats.

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The main reason of Kumara Parvatha trek is to ensure that the individuals get their personal time disconnecting hectic work schedules, metro life hassles and feel the simple yet rejuvenating joys of life.
The grade and level of the trek is difficult and not recommended for beginners and prior experience in trekking will be preferred.
From gentle caressing of cool breeze to hear the melodious chirping of birds on the top of mountains, you will actually experience the joy of life and admire the beauty of nature.
The ascending form the Somwarpet side of Kumara Parvatha to descending from Kukke Subramanya side, you will get a view of the spectacular sunset, picturesque lush green, and enjoy the unique offerings of both sides of Kumara Parvatha.

Importance Notice

The Forest Department at Kudremukh has issued a notice where it has been decided to allow first 50 applicants for the trek each day in order to ensure the biodiversity and preserve the forest. If in case we don’t get the permission for the batch, an alternative trek to Kurinjal Peak shall be arranged by Summiters and there shall be no refunds on the bookings made for Kuduremukh Trek.

Trip Highlights
  • Kumara Parvatha is one of the toughest and the best treks in Western ghats of Karnataka.
  • Western ghats is UNESCO world Heritage side.
  • Expereince of Walking in grasslands, shoala and thick forest .
  • Giri Gadde is known for fabulous views and sunset.
  • Visit the temple of Subramanya – Serpeant god.
  • Kumara Parvatha is origin of Kumaradhara river.
Trip Facts
  • Grade of Trek : Moderate to Hard. Previous trek experience will be helpful and an added advantage. Difficulty of trek is subjective.
  • Altitude : 5624 Feet ASL
  • Trail Type : Canopy walk in evergreen rainforest and grasslands.
  • Trek Type : Weekend Trek in Western Ghats
Seasons & Best time to visit
  • Monsoon - June to August :
    The best time to visit kumara parvatha or any other peaks in the Western Ghats is during the monsoon season. Monsoon treks get challenging and exhilarating. The whole forests and mountain ranges just flourish with greenery with leeches for your company and you get to witness the beautiful misty landscapes.
  • Post Monsoon - September to October: The skies can be covered with mist with play of passing clouds and can be clear with bright sunlight. Nights getting cold.
  • Pre Monsoon: The skies will be clear with hot sun; however, canopy walk and cool breeze will make your walk less tiring.
Trip Cost Includes
  • Food : During Stay and Snacks during Evening Refreshments only
  • Travel : Tempo Traveler/SUV Similar Non/Ac/Bus
  • Accommodation : Basic Multiple sharing or dormitory/Tent.
  • Group Size : Group size 12 and Above.
Trip Cost Excludes
  • Food : During journey
  • Toll Charges : Nice Road
  • Any Charges : Monuments etc,
Day one - Depart from Bangalore, Overnight Journey.
This is going to be an overnight journey for you of approximately 272 km drive from Bangalore to Kumara Parvatha. The trekkers are advised to have a light dinner before boarding the bus. Once you reach, look for the homestays around.
Day two - Reach homestay, relax and freshen up, leave homestay, have local Karnataka breakfast, reach the forest check post, summit kumara parvatha, shesha parvatha, kallu mandapa, bhattara Mane, tea/snack break, visit Subrahmanyam temple.
There are two approaches for Kumaraparvatha Trek, one is from the Somwarpet side and this is the East Approach and the other one is the West Approach.
East Approach:
Freshen up yourself early morning, catch amazing sunrise in Pushpagiri trek range of mountains. Leave your homestay, enjoy local Karnataka cuisine for breakfast. Your stretch of Kumara Parvatha trek starts from the Shanthamallikarjuna temple on foothills of Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary.
Soon after we take legal permits from the forest department to set the foot in lush green Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. After a few gradual climbs, you will come across the 3-point contact climbing challenge, with proper support of guides and fellow companions you will enjoy the complete climb and reach the top of the summit of Kumara Parvatha. This marks 1/3rd of your entire Kumara Parvatha trek distance.
Now, you will walk past the tall and thick forest cover of Somwarpet which leads to the plateau summit of Kumara Parvatha. Here you can get quick rest and buckle up for the rest 14 km journey to admire the beautiful kukke Subramanya side of the majestic mountain.
West Approach:
The trekking of other side of the mountain starts with the climb to Sesha Parvatha also known as “False Peak” as it is mistaken to be Kumara Parvatha peak. Here you can enjoy the picturesque views and admire nature’s beauty to the fullest.
Proceeding further, you will encounter the isolated beautiful mandapa named as Kallu Mantapa. It makes a peaceful place to rest, you can also find a water stream close to this Kallu Mantapa. Somwarpet side climb will amaze you with the beautiful sunset scenes on your way to Kukke Subramanya temple. Bhatru Mane is among the major stops to rest and refill your bottles, also to admire the natural art of forest areas.
Finally, after experiencing varied and rich beauty of nature, when you reach the kukke Subramanya temple, you can get some rest, visit the temple of time permits and walk back to the homestay to enjoy the local delicacies of food waiting for you at the campfire.
After a long exhausting trekking day, you will enjoy the moment sitting around the campfire and sharing the life lessons, laughter stories and warmth amidst the sparkling campfire.
Day three - Leave early morning to Malalli waterfalls, depart to Bangalore, reach Bangalore at night.
After the adventurous hike of the previous day, shed your tiredness off around the Malalli waterfalls, connect with the sheer vibes of purity and bring the serenity of mountain to cities. Also, make memories of the perfect weekend at the secret waterfalls spot.
After making most of your day 2, energize yourself with local delicacies and depart to Bangalore.
Important Information:
Things To Carry
  • 1 pair of Shoes : Carry well broken/used Shoes with good Sole & ankle protection and that will sustain usage during the trek. Avoid wearing new shoes to avoid bite and blisters.
  • 1 Backpack : Light Weighted & approx 30 litres in volume with multiple pouches,good zip & straps.
  • Clothing & Toiletries : For your daily usage
  • 1 Jacket : Early mornings and nights can get really cold.
  • 1 Cap/hat : help in protecting your head and face from direct sunlight during treks.
  • 1 Water bottle : carry some reusable water bottles along.
  • 1 Towel : quick dry light towel.
  • 1 Head lamp / Torch : Keep it handy and use it only required.
  • 1 Personal Medical Kit : Carry few tablets such as crocin, Paracetamol, Band aid, cotton. ORS satchets. Glucose, Volini spray and crape bandage.
  • 1 Medic Kit : always pack a first-aid kit in case things go the other way.
  • 2 Batteries: Carry recharged spare batteries.
  • Gloves : Gloves that will keep your palms warm during extreme cold.
  • 1 Whistle : Whistle for signalling and use in times of distress only.
  • 1 Sun glasses : Carry tested and right one to protect from harsh Sunlight only.
  • Sleeping Bag : At times, there might be extreme cold and the camp beds might not be good enough to give you a good night’s sleep. It is better if you have your own warm sleeping bag.
  • Mobile : Use if for communication only. Check with trek coordinator of network availibility carry BSNL SIM if required.
  • 1 Poly Bags : To carry trash and wet clothes.
  • 1 ID Proof : Carry Photo ID proof DL / Voter Id/ similar.
Routes to reach
    • Train : Mangalore station is 130 km away.
    • Flight : Mangalore Airport is 140 km away.
    • Road : kalasa is 20 km away.
    • Route : Bangalore – Hassan – Kalasa – Samse - Balgal
    • Start / End Point : Samse village.
    • Network : Weak & available intermittently.
Places to see around
    • Manjarabad fort at Sakleshpur and Bisle Ghat view point
Routes to reach
    The distance between Bangalore to Kumara Parvatha trek is 272 km. The Kumara Parvatha can be reached by bus or train from Bangalore. The direct buses from Bangalore to Subramanya can be booked online. You can also find direct trains from Bangalore to Subramanya.
    If you reach Subramanya by bus, then Subramanya town falls near where the Kumara Parvatha trek begins and if you go by train, then the Subramanya railway station falls 20 km away from Subramanya town and needs a jeep to reach the trek point.
Pickup points :

Team members are requested to select and book tickets. Reach respective points or places enroute. However, make use of Namma Metro for hassle free travel.Our event leaders will assist you all times for any assistance.