Netravati Peak is a 1520-metre-high peak is sandwiched between Belthangadi Taluk of Dakshina Kannada and Chikmagalur District of Karnataka. It is a part of the Western Ghat range which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its biodiversity. While it is close to some other famous peaks such as the Kudremukh, this trek remains comparatively lesser-known. A less known trekking trail in Chikmagalur.

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The famed Netravati River emerges from this range from the green shola cover however, you come across a part of this river skirting through dense jungle during this trek.
This trek is a great opportunity to experience the best aspects of the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Initially you walk through the beautiful countryside of Chikmagalur region and gradually come across forests, cross hilly streams, bath under the waterfalls, and then finally reach the famed shola forests that continue to the top of the peak. The final portion the trek is steep but you are rewarded with delirious views of the open meadows at the top and you can also spot many other peaks from here including Kudremukh and Kallusanka to name a few.
The starting point is a small but picturesque village called Samse, located right in the middle of tea plantations. So, this trip also gives you a glimpse of the famed tea and coffee plantations of Chikmagalur region. As you stay at a local homestay, you also get a great local experience with an opportunity to taste local cuisine.
This is basically a day trek. An overnight journey from Bangalore is arranged to take you to Samse and after a bit of rest, you go out for the trek, which lasts the whole day. The second day is the day of return but you have the option for an additional activity of white water rafting at Bhadra river at a nearby place called Magundi. So, the itinerary makes it a perfect weekend activity for busy professionals.

Trip Highlights
  • Hike to one of the most untouched peaks in South India.
  • Experience the lush shola forests of the western ghats
  • Soak in the greenery of tea and coffee gardens of Chikmagalur .
  • Go rafting in the river Bhadra ( Season : June to December ).
Trip Facts
  • Grade of Trek : Moderate. Previous trek experience will be helpful and an added advantage. Difficulty of trek is subjective.
  • Altitude : 4987 Feet ASL
  • Trail Type : Canopy walk in evergreen rainforest and grasslands.
  • Location : Netravati peak is situated on the fringes of Kudremukh National park in Belthangadi taluk of Dakshina Kannada district and Chikmagalur district in the lap of western ghats of Karnataka. Samse is 350 km from Bangalore.
  • Trek Type : Weekend Trek in Western Ghats
Seasons & Best time to visit
  • Monsoon - June to August : The best time to visit Netravati or any other peaks in the Western Ghats is during the monsoon season. Monsoon treks get challenging and exhilarating. The whole forests and mountain ranges just flourish with greenery with leeches for your company and you get to witness the beautiful misty landscapes.
  • Post Monsoon - September to January: The skies can be covered with mist with play of passing clouds and can be clear with bright sunlight. Nights getting cold.
  • Pre-Monsoon: The skies will be clear with hot sun; however, canopy walk and cool breeze will make your walk less tiring.
Trip Cost Includes
  • Food : During Stay and Snacks during Evening Refreshments only
  • Travel : Tempo Traveler/SUV Similar Non/Ac/Bus
  • Accommodation : Basic Multiple sharing or dormitory/Tent.
  • Group Size : Group size 12 and Above.
Trip Cost Excludes
  • Food : During journey
  • Toll Charges : Nice Road
  • Any Charges :Waterfalls etc,
Day one - Depart from Bangalore, Overnight Journey (6 to 7 hours journey).
You will start the journey at night from Bangalore. You will meet at a pre-decided spot and board the vehicle. It will be an overnight journey.
Day two - Reach Homestay. Have Breakfast, after briefing start the trek start and explore. Netravati & Kallusanka Peak to and fro trek 14 km. Peak Reach Homestay, Campfun. Overnight stay.
Reach Homestay. Have Breakfast, after briefing start the trek start and explore. Reach Homestay, campfun. Overnight stay.
You will reach Samse early morning, around 5 AM. Check into the homestay located in the middle of a tea garden and take a nap for an hour or so if you want so that you are fresh for the trek. Later on, you will have a good local breakfast provided by the homestay and start the trek by 9 AM.
Initially you will hike through the beautiful tea garden and countryside of Chikmagalur before leaving the motorable road and entering a jungle trail. You will come across waterfalls and hilly streams where you can wash off your tiredness, if any.
Eventually, you will reach the final, steep stretch along the rolling hills to reach the top of the Netravati Peak. The whole trek is around 10 KMs and should take around 3-3.5 hours to reach the top.
Take your time at the top and soak in the views. You can even hike to other nearby peaks and you will be able to see many other major peaks of this region including Kudremukh from this point. Also, if you look closer, you will notice many exotic flowers, plants, and bords that are endemic to this region.
Hike back to your base once you are satisfied with your explorations. At some point on your way back, you will also enjoy the packed lunch provided by the homestay. You should be back at the homestay by 5 PM. Enjoy bonfire and dinner at night at the homestay.
Day three - The car will stop (vehicle will stop).
Explore surroundings. Breakfast. Visit places of interest enroute. Lunch enroute. Reach Bangalore.
You will return to Bangalore. However, you will take a different route. Also, since this will be day time, you will be able to enjoy the views of lush green tea estates en-route that you missed during the overnight journey. You can also stop at certain places to shop for local tea, spcices, and other souvenirs.
The car will stop at Kottigehara/Magundi, on the banks of Bhadra river, which is one of the finest rafting stretches in Karnataka. It is an optional activity and if you are up for it, you will be guided by trained professionals and you will raft for around an hour along the river.
After the rafting session, you will drive back and reach Bangalore by the evening.
Optional Activity - White water rafting in River Bhadra (Extra INR 1200/- per person)
Experience White water rafting in River Bhadra based on water-level, mostly June to January season. Know More
Important Information:
Things To Carry
  • 1 pair of Shoes : Carry well broken/used Shoes with good Sole & ankle protection and that will sustain usage during the trek. Avoid wearing new shoes to avoid bite and blisters.
  • 1 Backpack : Light Weighted & approx 30 litres in volume with multiple pouches,good zip & straps.
  • Clothing & Toiletries : For your daily usage
  • 1 Jacket : Early mornings and nights can get really cold.
  • 1 Cap/hat : help in protecting your head and face from direct sunlight during treks.
  • 1 Water bottle : carry some reusable water bottles along.
  • 1 Towel : quick dry light towel.
  • 1 Head lamp / Torch : Keep it handy and use it only required.
  • 1 Personal Medical Kit : Carry few tablets such as crocin, Paracetamol, Band aid, cotton. ORS satchets. Glucose, Volini spray and crape bandage.
  • 1 Medic Kit : always pack a first-aid kit in case things go the other way.
  • 2 Batteries: Carry recharged spare batteries.
  • Gloves : Gloves that will keep your palms warm during extreme cold.
  • 1 Whistle : Whistle for signalling and use in times of distress only.
  • 1 Sun glasses : Carry tested and right one to protect from harsh Sunlight only.
  • Sleeping Bag : At times, there might be extreme cold and the camp beds might not be good enough to give you a good night’s sleep. It is better if you have your own warm sleeping bag.
  • Mobile : Use if for communication only. Check with trek coordinator of network availibility carry BSNL SIM if required.
  • 1 Poly Bags : To carry trash and wet clothes.
  • 1 ID Proof : Carry Photo ID proof DL / Voter Id/ similar.
Routes to reach
    • Train : Mangalore station is 130 km away.
    • Flight : Mangalore Airport is 140 km away.
    • Road : kalasa is 20 km away.
    • Route : Bangalore – Hassan – Kalasa – Samse - Balgal
    • Start / End Point : Samse village.
    • Network : Weak & available intermittently.
Pickup points :

Team members are requested to select and book tickets. Reach respective points or places enroute. However, make use of Namma Metro for hassle free travel.Our event leaders will assist you all times for any assistance.